White Label Solutions

Expand your global capabilities with Clearsettle's hosted payment gateway.

Focus on delivering tailored needs to your merchants and spend less time and resources on licensing or individual contracts with acquirers. A single API integration connects you to hundreds of global and local payment methods.

Global access

Get access to a multitude of global payment methods with a single integration.

Our global platform allows you to configure specific payment solutions according to each merchant's needs. As new payment solutions become available, they become instantly accessible.


Clearsettle’s payment processing services are developed in-house, helping you adapt to the payment market at the speed it develops.

Our modular payment gateway can be modified according to your needs within the quickest time-frame possible. True scalability handles growing numbers of transactions without affecting performance.

Open, RESTful API

Get speed and simplicity with our open payment infrastructure solutions tailored to your industry.

The RESTful open API architecture gives you a competitive advantage in the dynamic payment market by offering you smooth integration of new and existing payment instruments.